Message from Marc Darmon, CICS President

Industrial policies aMarc Darmon président clicsre designed to help entire sectors of the economy to reach their objectives. In the case of the security sector, these objectives are particularly ambitious.

Representatives of all the players in the security sector have already started to work together to establish a clear set of industrial policy objectives. Drawing on these initial discussions, stakeholders from the public and private sectors are now fully cognizant of the current economic importance of the security sector (€21bn, 1% of GDP, 125,000 jobs) and the key role it will play in the future. They have a better understanding of how the security market is changing as it embraces growing demand for cybersecurity, mobility and data protection. They also know that France has developed a remarkable set of skills and capabilities in this field, building on the proven expertise of its security services and the technological leadership of industry players who have earned recognition throughout Europe and around the world.

Working together across the sector is above all the responsibility of companies — not only the major companies that drive the industry forward, but also small and medium-sized enterprises that invest in innovation, and professional organisations (FIIEC, FFMI, GICAT, GICAN, GIFAS, USP Technologies, etc.) that represent the collective interests of their members. In a market economy, each company has its own strategy. Understandably, they tend not to spontaneously share details of product developments or in-house research. But industry players do need to find common ground and identify areas of common interest so that public funding can be optimised and collective goals pursued effectively. This is where the CICS plays a key federative role. Set up 18 months ago, the CICS advocates for the trust and security industry in its interactions with government agencies and other public-sector organisations, and is positioned as the natural point of contact to express the vision and common positions of the security industry.

A new roadmap for the security sector is due to be drawn up at the next interagency committee meeting at the end of July 2015. The CICS has taken concrete steps to achieve the objectives announced by the first interagency committee meeting in 2013 and to establish and express the common vision and positions of the security industry. The sector is progressively mobilising, and an ambitious new set of objectives is being submitted to ministers for approval in July. The CICS website is part of the effort to maintain this momentum, keep industry players informed and help them work together to pursue these shared objectives.

Shared objectives can only be achieved through concrete action and dialogue. I am optimistic that this new CICS website will help to make information available to all and promote closer interaction within the security industry. I hope it will also attract other industry players who want to take part in our work. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact the CICS directly via this website or through your professional association to share your experience and concerns in the collective interests of all.

Marc Darmon, CICS President